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250 ml water-based disinfectant (lemongrass fragrance)

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    Our Cleanandstay (Lemongrass) Disinfectant with Lemongrass Scent is a water-based disinfectant so you can most effectively kill or deactivate bacteria, fungi and viruses while being gentle on your hands. The manufacturer and marketer for the disinfectant is Küpper & Köster GbR.

    Facts about our Cleanandstay (Lemongrass) water-based disinfectant:

    • Hand & surfaces disinfectant
    • effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs
    • 100% Alcohol Free
    • with Lemongrass fragrance
    • pH-Neutral
    • 100% organic
    • Dermatest "very good"
    • Made in Germany
    • ideal for filling up your portHy
    Disinfectants are biocides. Use biocides safely. Before use, always read the label and product information!

    The disinfectant is based on hypochlorous acid in levitated water. Hypochlorous acid is produced in the body by white blood cells. It plays an important role in the immune system by effectively killing microbiological pathogens completely through oxidation. In addition, the water-based disinfectant is effective against bad odors and has passed the Dermatest with "very good".

    To make it extra easy to refill your PortHy, the opening is chosen extra large and with the Cleanandstay (Lemongrass) disinfectant you can refill your PortHy up to 7 times.  

    General information about hand disinfection:

    The handshake as a greeting, chatting on the smartphone, the grab handle on the bus, the bill in the wallet - we expose ourselves to bacteria, fungi and viruses every day as a matter of course and spread them as well. Especially in these situations, we often do not have disinfectants ready to use and at hand.

    With PortHy we want to change that by combining your smartphone with a disinfectant dispenser. 

    But why is hand disinfection so important and what is the advantage over normal hand washing? 

    We want to tell you now! 

    Hand washing vs. hand disinfection

    A common misconception is that hand disinfection dries out the hands, and when washing hands this does not happen. But exactly the opposite is true. When hands are washed too often, the soap and water softens the outer protective covering and damages the skin's protective acid mantle. As a result, skin lipids and moisturizing factors are lost and the skin dries out. With water-based disinfectant, the hands dry out less, because there are no basic ingredients in the disinfectant.

    Another advantage of hand disinfection is that it can be performed at any time, regardless of location. In contrast, hand washing can only be done at sanitary facilities. PortHy offers the ideal product to have disinfectant with you at all times and NOT to forget. 

    Transfer of germs

    By a regular hand disinfection you protect not only YOURSELF, but especially your FELLOW PEOPLE. Especially our hands are like a big and convenient cab for germs. In case of a smear infection, germs are transported via a chain of touches. This can happen directly from person to person or indirectly from person to object to person. By a regular hand disinfection you stop the chains of smear infection and can additionally stop the spread of many diseases. 

    Did you actually know that

    • Over 100 different species of bacteria, on average, cavort on the surface of your smartphone. 

    • In Germany, circa 400,000 - 600,000 people fall ill each year from infections related to a medical procedure.

    • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted through the hands. 

    • On average, 3000 different types of bacteria can be found on each paper bill. 

    • according to a British study in 28% of people who regularly ride public transport, bacteria of fecal origin on their hands. 


    Why PortHy? 

    The biggest barrier to hand sanitization is the availability of sanitizer on a day-to-day basis. Even in hospitals, high compliance to hand disinfection can only be ensured by high availability. By connecting an item you never forget, your smartphone, and the PortHy, you can disinfect your hands and any item at any time. So you'll never have to shy away from grab bars on the bus, touchscreens at the ATM, or your money in your wallet again.

    Your PortHy means you'll always have your sanitizer dispenser handy and ready to go with you. 


    The Material Safety Data Sheets for Porthy alcohol-based hand sanitizer or Cleanandstay (Lemongrass) water-based sanitizer can be found at this link to view:


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