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    Scope of delivery: 1 x portHy mobile chain (35 ml filling volume) + 1 x refiller + 1 x Holdy (Universal smartphone holder for all models!)

    portHy Basic is the little, no less pretty sister of portHy Exclusive, because the box comes with less content, but at least as much amore.

    The cell phone chain is just as fancy. The refill tool is just as smart. You can either bring the disinfectant to the party yourself, or order the water-based disinfectant with lemongrass scent in a relaxed way with your portHy Basic Set. With the free Holdy you can connect your existing phone case, or just order a portHy phone case to go with it. 

    portHy is the very first fashionable hygiene solution. A smartphone chain with integrated disinfectant dispenser or as we like to call it: `The smartest and most beautiful way to keep your hands clean and healthy'. Whether you are shopping, traveling or working, the smartphone chain provides you with disinfectant anytime and anywhere. The 35 ml filling volume are easily enough to disinfect an elephant via the two elegant spray heads. Or even the hands for a longer time.

    We give you three more golden rules to be happy as can be with portHy Basic:

    1. You've probably heard this a lot, but it's really true when it comes to disinfectants:

    "Water is better than alcohol." It's not only more skin-friendly, but it also smells a lot more attractive.

    2. Pull on the `Holdy' quite simply peel off the foil and stick it into the inside of your already existing phone case for attachment. At this point, we are especially proud that world star Justin Bieber recently released a jingle to our novelty `Holdy' that stays in your head. That the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me. Feels so holdy, holdy, holdy, holdy.

    3. Do not continue to think of hand hygiene as an annoying and boring topic with a medical character, but as a social must-have in high-quality designs. Now you may wonder if `social must have' isn't a bit of an exaggeration? It is not, because did you know: Almost 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands.

    So - order your portHy Basic now and fill your own Liquid disinfectant in it or our water-based and extra skin-friendly Lemongrass disinfectant and you're good to go. By pressing the atomizers you get a perfectly dosed amount of disinfectant for hand disinfection, whenever you want it! With portHy you have a product that is resource-friendly and sustainable produced in Germany.


    Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

    You can find the correct handling of our product in the supplied instructions for use, or our online instructions for use take and hazards to the disinfectant on the label or in our safety data sheets.

    You can find video tutorials on filling and using portHy here: Tutorials

    Scratches can be caused by the round carabiners or other particles can get inside the smartphone case. In addition, disinfectant can flow out of the hose and damage or contaminate the smartphone or other objects. Caution during use! Depending on the model or design, the images may differ from the real product.

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