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    Scope of delivery: 1 x portHy smartphone chain (35 ml filling volume) + 1 x refiller + 1 x portHy disinfectant + 1 x portHy smartphone case or Holdy (Universal phone holder for all models!)

    Du should know that portHy Exclusive is the Ferrari among smartphone chains.

    Quiet and discreet was yesterday - now it must go fast, splash and be a fashionable eye-catcher. And the hygiene fun works especially if you've just been in contact with banknotes, doorknobs, from toilets, bars, boutiques or even just the hands of the kebab vendor you trust (even after using plastic gloves when handing out food & money).

    Because portHy is the VERY FIRST smartphone chain with integrated disinfectant dispenser. The 35 ml filling volume are loosely enough to disinfect an elephant via the two elegant spray heads. Or even the hands. - Feeling uncomfortable was yesterday. What does this mean?

    portHy Exclusive is on the road on behalf of health and freedom and everyone should be reminded of this regularly by the eyecatch look - because did you know: Nearly 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted through our hands.

    At this point, a warning must also be pronounced: The wearing of the portHy Exclusive smartphone chain including portHy smartphone case requires a decidedly great self-confidence! Because the public outing as #porthy.people attracts not only envious glances at the stylish look of the cell phone chain. You may also experience discriminatory remarks from other fellow people who have strongly questioned current and past infectious disease transmissions and like to think outside the box when it comes to hygiene.

    Anyway, we are willing to be open about it: Our health is important to us, and when it comes to hygiene, we'd rather trust scientists than short-term Telegram students. And through the fashionable link, we make the statement:

    "portHy is the smartest and most fashionable way to keep your hands clean and healthy."

    P.S.: Our water-based, extra skin-friendly lemongrass disinfectant has two additional benefits: it's more attractive in scent than a fresh grilled chicken from Dad - after a survived two-week juice cure. And it also guarantees a better usability of the portHy. So with portHy Exclusive you are perfectly equipped!


    Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

    You can find the correct handling of our products in the supplied instructions for use, or our online instructions for use take and hazards to the disinfectant on the label or in our safety data sheets.

    You can find video tutorials on filling and using portHy here: Tutorials

    Scratches may be caused by the round carabiners or other particles may get inside the smartphone case. In addition, disinfectant can flow out of the hose and damage or contaminate the smartphone or other objects. Caution during use! Depending on the model or design, the pictures may differ from the real product.

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