We are PortHy



The hands are considered the most common carrier of infectious diseases. Accordingly, about 80-90% of all infectious diseases worldwide are transmitted through the hands. Thus, a handgrip, a handshake or a simple touch can already have serious consequences - not only for oneself, but also for our loved ones. And forgetting a necessary disinfection, unfortunately, happens far too quickly and too often.




With PortHy, we are making hygiene not just visible and accessible everywhere, but first and foremost stylish. We are convinced that hand disinfection will be more thorough and regular thanks to our mobile solution - simply because you will be constantly reminded by the visibility of the PortHy. Wearing the PortHy is also a statement: "I care about the health of my fellow people!"




Paul and Jonathan are responsible for product and business development. Lukas and Julian work together in the areas of marketing & sales. Team PortHy also relies on female support: as a graphic and textile designer, Lilly is primarily responsible for the fashion appearances.




Our location is in Bielefeld and sustainability in terms of product quality and the environment is our top priority. In short, we want to strengthen domestic markets, especially in these critical times. For this reason, we maintain for the most part cooperation with local family businesses.




Crises always have a lasting effect by breaking old habits. So we also want to understand this difficult time as an opportunity: And through fashion make everyone aware that health and thus quality of life is always a community effort.